About the Moors and Falmouth Assoc

Falmouth Associates Inc. was formed in 1925 as a real estate development company whose purpose was to "..create a community of homes of character surrounded by natural beauty, offering an opportunity for recreation..".  We who are members of the Moors believe that mission is being accomplished. In addition, the developer's intention was to enable every homeowner/member to become part owner of the of the recreational property...the beach, clubhouse, tennis courts and any undeveloped land.  To that end, almost 90% of homeowners are shareholders in Falmouth Associates, thereby participating in ownership of the neighborhood. For the benefit of shareholders, Falmouth Associates manages the financial aspects of the community including managing the stock portfolio, property, maintenence, capital improvements and the buying and selling of shares among other things. 

Although Falmouth Associates was originally chartered as a for-profit corporation, its primary mission is now to financially support the operational and recreational aspects of the Moors. In 2013, the FA board of Directors voted to re-charter the Falmouth Associates as a 'Benefit Corporation' which 'supports a social need', that is, preserving the grounds and facilities and funding the Moors Association functions.

The Moors Association manages the membership aspects of the community and plans and runs the social activities including beach, tennis courts, games, parades, clubhouse activities, and the website.

Both the Moors Association and Falmouth Associates are entirely volunteer organizations.  The vibrancy and spirit of the neighborhood depends on neighbor participation on the boards of these two organizations or on committees for specific projects including social events. We believe that volunteerism is a strong contributor to the sense of community we all cherish and encourage everyone to participate.