(Located on the corner of Nonquit and Elm Roads)

Our 2 Sport Clay tennis courts were renovated in 2013. They are a surface that resembles Astro Turf filled with sand. The play is remarkably soft on the legs and the bounce is extremely true with speed, feeling like something between HarTrue and grass.

There is a very fine ball machine available for use.

Please: the courts are for tennis only, no dogs and no other sports. Keys and requests for the ball machine are available from the Tennis chairman. Please lock the gate when you are finished play.


Who May Use the Courts:
The Moors tennis courts are for the use of the members of the Moors Association, temporary and regular, their families and their guests.  Please remember that our friends from the Falmouth area may use the courts only if accompanied by an Association member.
All players must wear tennis shoes (no running shoes) and shirts on the court.  

Strictly forbidden:
As you know, bicycle riding, skate boarding, roller-blading, hockey, etc. are ALL strictly forbidden on the tennis courts at all times.  In addition, dogs are not allowed inside the fence at any time.

Time and Guest Considerations:
If courts are occupied, consideration must be given to members waiting to play.  Two sets is a reasonable limit of play when players are waiting.  If local guests have been invited to play on weekends, priority must go to members who wish to play and to adults over 16 years of age.  Children ages seven and under must be accompanied by an adult when on the courts at all times.

When finished playing, the courts should be swept and the umbrellas collapsed and re-tied.  The nets should NOT be lowered.  Prior to leaving the courts, please make certain that all trash is disposed of properly in the barrel provided.  Lastly, and very importantly, the gate must be locked.
Any questions you may have concerning these rules or suggestions may be addressed to the Moors Association and specifically the tennis chairperson:  [email protected]