We have 300 feet of deeded beach rights on beautiful Vineyard Sound. The beach house holds chairs and umbrellas for community use and has a bathroom and an outdoor shower. The raft is for diving and relaxing.

The Moors Beach is for the use of Association members, their families, houseguests and friends.  Please ask your guests to introduce themselves to the attendant and to read the beach rules that are posted in the beach house.

The beach house is open 10am to 5pm daily during the season.  Keys are available from the beach chairman. A beach attendant is present throughout the season and monitors the parking area reserved for members only. The attendant is not a lifeguard.


As our guidelines for use continue to evolve, please know that the Board makes every effort to consider sustainability:  The enjoyment of our amenities at no expense to both members and property.

Thank you,
The Executive Committees of the Moors Association and Falmouth Associates


NO LIFEGUARD WILL BE ON DUTY AT THE BEACH.  ALL ACTIVITY AT THE BEACH, INCLUDING SWIMMING, IS AT EACH PERSON’S OWN RISK.  Each individual is responsible for his/her own safety, as well as the safety of their companions, particularly children and senior citizens.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

No one is allowed on the raft alone unless he/she can swim to it and back without any floatation device, including life preservers.  Children with floatation devices MUST be supervised by a responsible adult.  Rough games on the raft should be avoided as much as possible.

Running and/or diving from the jetty is prohibited.  This is extremely dangerous and will not be permitted.  Fishing off the jetty is also prohibited.

Beach House Usage/Storage: 

  • The beach house is strictly for changing and storage. Each family is limited to one stored umbrella. 
  • No personal chairs may be stored in the beach house.
  • A limited number of beach toys may be stored in the small storage area of the beach house to the right of the bathroom, subject to space availability.

Beach Chairs
The Association has acquired 50 chairs for the use of the members.  These are the only chairs that may be stored in the beach house. 

  • No family should use more than two chairs when there is a crowd at the beach. You should plan to bring additional chairs on weekends and holidays and for your guests.  Please treat the chairs as if they were your own and return them to the beach house when you are finished using them.  The attendant may be able to assist in storing the chairs, but you should not leave them on the beach and assume they will be stored properly. 
  • No chair may be removed from the beach. Anyone removing a chair from the beach or intentionally damaging or destroying a chair will be charged for the cost of a replacement.

Dogs are only allowed on the east side of the jetty (the Falmouth Heights side) and must be under the full control of member owners.


For the safety and relaxation of our neighbors, NO ball or Frisbee playing, rough-housing or running games are allowed in the area between the jetty and a point 80 yards to the west of the beach house (toward Nobska Lighthouse).
Please use the other side of the jetty toward Falmouth Heights, or 80 yards from the beach house towards Nobska for these activities. The area around the beach house is reserved for sunbathers.

Music and Phones on the beach:

Please be considerate; use headphones for radios/music players, and keep cell phone use unobtrusive. 

Boats/water craft: 
All boats, sailfish, sailboards, surf boards and the like must be launched and/or anchored east of the jetty (the Falmouth Heights side) and must not be operated within or near the area between the jetty and a point 80 yards to the west of the jetty (toward Nobska Lighthouse).

Large Parties (10 Adults or More):

  • Parking can be a challenge. Anything you can do to minimize the impact of your large group on parking is appreciated.
  • Large groups who wish to sit together are encouraged to use the beach on the western end of the beach (toward Nobska Lighthouse).
  • If you are planning a special event (i.e. wedding, cocktail party), please contact the Moors Social Secretary so that the calendar can be updated to reflect your event and neighbors can be notified.
  • NOTE:  No private event should dissuade or otherwise prohibit the use of the Beach House or beach by members enjoying our waterfront property.



Trash and diapers spoil, smell and attract unwanted animals to our beach.  As a courtesy to our Beach Chairperson and membership, take your trash and recyclables with you upon departure from the beach

  • Glass containers are discouraged at the beach for obvious safety reasons.


Questions about the beach rules and other suggestions should be directed to the beach committee chairman, not the attendant:  (Ross Cunnick) [email protected]