The Golf Course That Was

The Moors golf course


Yes we did have a golf course behind the houses on Elm Road on land that is now the two big fields as well as land all the way down to Nimar’s house at 172 Elm Road.  There were from 5 to 9 holes at various times, apparently reconfigured depending on what land was available.

Originally, the entire property was laid out for 120 house lots, all the way from the top of Moorland Road  across the rail road tracks to the edge of Salt Pond with roads laid out to provide access to the properties.  The original developers thought all of this would be sold within a few years but the depression intervened and as a result few buyers were ever found.  Over the next 3 decades few pieces around the North end of the fields were sold, but gradually the Falmouth Associates board gave up on the idea of further development and voted to keep the land wild  for the pleasure of the neighborhood.  For at least 30 years, golf was played on this land and many neighbors have fond memories of learning to play there.  The remnants of the sand traps can still be seen as islands of trees in the fields. Eventually, the maintenance cost became burdensome and Woods Hole Golf Club became the destination for golfers because of its more complete and polished amenities.  Fortunately we have this open space to still enjoy.